Missing 411: North America and Beyond

Dave Paulides received his undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of San Francisco, and, has a professional background that includes twenty years in law enforcement (Three and one half years at Fremont Police and sixteen and a half years at San Jose Police) and senior executive positions in the technology sector. In 2004 he formed North America Bigfoot Search-NABS ( where his investigative and analytical experience were invaluable in researching Bigfoot/Sasquatch sightings, encounters and behavior. He spent two years living among the Hoopa tribal members, listening to and recording their Bigfoot stories. The Hoopa Project is his first book, based upon his experiences in the Bluff Creek area of Northern California. David’s second book, Tribal Bigfoot is a quantum step forward in Bigfoot research and allows for a common sense understanding of this elusive biped. These two books have been called the new standard for crypto research.
NABS was also the group that started the Bigfoot DNA project which was instrumental in the identification of bigfoot/sasquatch as its own species.
On March 1, 2012 David released his third book, “Missing 411-Western U.S.”, the story of people who have disappeared in the wilds of North America. Many of the parents and relatives of the missing make claims that the victim was kidnapped/abducted, in very remote areas, this is well documented. This 3+ year 7000 hour investigation into unexplained disappearances in isolated locations is a book that anyone who walks in the woods should read. The real question that this book elicits is…. What is happening to these people?
In late March 2012 David’s fourth book was released, “Missing 411-Eastern U.S.” The eastern version is a continuation of stories which occurred in the eastern half of the United States with special sections on unusual outdoor activities which seem to be related to disappearances and a master list of all people who have vanished.
In June 2012 Mr. Paulides was an invited speaker at the 2012 National Association of Search and Rescue (NASAR) annual conference in South Lake Tahoe. The presentation was on the findings of the Can Am Project that were detailed in “Missing 411.” The packed room at the Harvey’s Convention Center heard Mr. Paulides give a detailed overview of the twenty eight clusters of missing people and the associated elements found within the clusters.
Since the release of the “Missing 411” series, Mr. Paulides has been a guest on countless radio shows, morning television and prime time news casts. The 411 series has been vetted by some of the best Search and Rescue professionals, investigative journalists, radio and television hosts and print journalists from north America.
The Hoopa Project- 2008
Tribal Bigfoot- 2009
Missing 411-Western U.S.- 2012
Missing 411-Eastern U.S. 2012
Missing 411- North America and Beyond, 2013
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Missing 411-North America and Beyond:
“Missing 411-North America and Beyond” is the third in the series researching facts of people who have vanished in remote locations of the world. “Missing 411-North America and Beyond” is the first edition that discusses missing people and relevant facts from five countries (Australia, England, France, Iceland and Indonesia) outside of North America and examines the parallels between the cases. The book also includes a multitude of new stories from North America. There is a continuing trend of clusters of missing people in United States National Parks. The National Park Service has continued with their policy of failing to keep ledgers, track or otherwise document lists of missing people inside their parks and monuments. This edition has cases from Florida, Texas, Hawaii and forty other states. There are new clusters of missing people from Sequoia and Mount Rainier National Park, Three Sisters Wilderness (OR) and Adirondacks (NY). Canada has missing cases from six provinces that are documented. This new book brings further clarity to the missing person issue by examining multiple disappearances of people in small-confined areas and exposing the similarities of their case. David Paulides also exposes a series of coed disappearances that date back to the early 1900’s, which have unusual facts surrounding their case. “Missing 411-North America and Beyond” is the largest and most comprehensive of the trilogy, 472 pages. The Missing 411 series builds upon itself. It is recommended that you read “Missing 411-Western United States” first, then the eastern version and then “North America and Beyond.” There is a historical aspect to this issue and there are common elements that run through the disappearances.

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    When will Missing 411 North America and Beyond be up on podcast so I and others can listen to it? Please??

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    was there an people missing in the year 2014 in the national park yelowstone.was there any incident in 2014 I believe could be a ufo abduction but this its my opinion.Whats happening to these people who just get vanished in the blink of an eye I believe could be gods angels who took these people.

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